thank you, saigon

we finished vietnam in saigon with no more incidences of people telling me to go to hell or calling me a liar or getting anything stolen so i think that was a plus.

the lack of decent food makes me a little cranky and desperate.  and in vietnam, we were usually aiming for mediocre most of the time.  so when kenneth told me about anthony bourdain’s noodle soup lady adventure in saigon, there was no doubt that i was going to check it out.  we walked to the noodle soup stand after the war remnants museum and ordered the special of the day, bun mam (light broth with pineapple, eggplant, 3-layer pork, prawns, fish cake and noodles).  i was so pleased –  street food usually doesn’t let us down and vietnam was officially redeemed!  i wouldn’t have been able to find the stand without the help of a very detailed blog post (and kenneth).

we flew home to singapore on the 18th and have been eating well again since.  i think our next adventure will take us to indonesia, cambodia and australia but no concrete plans have been made yet.  photos to follow…


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