first afternoon in a new city

after 2 plane rides followed by a bus ride, i was waiting on the corner of cambie and 12th ave for yet another ride.  it was nice to just stand there for a minute to take in the fresh air, the energy of the city and the pretty view of the mountains to the north. i was still nervous and excited about being here.  nervous about meeting the new roommate and about the apprenticeship tomorrow.  but excited to be in vancouver.

the good news is that the new roommate came by to pick me up as planned.  and she was friendly and nice.  we returned to the apartment – sparkling clean and cozy and she had even put a set of sheets on the bed for me.  nice.  now i just have to get through the next few days of awkward small talk and i think we’ll be good.

next, i went grocery shopping.  and i was able to walk there!  and though it was small, it was pretty densely stocked with most things you can imagine or want.  chinese take out?  done.  they even had a pretty decent asian ingredients section.  but what was i thinking?  i’m in vancouver!  i got to explore the neighborhood a little on the walk there and i think i’m going to like living here.  there seem to be a variety of international restaurants – chinese, vietnamese…there’s the grocery store and the winter farmers market is only a few blocks away.

i’m off to learn the ways of the beer world tomorrow morning and perhaps there will be more exploring to be had…


2 responses to “first afternoon in a new city

  1. Welcome to Vancouver.
    Lucky you!

  2. thanks! i’m looking forward to spending more time here…

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