interesting home

i’ve been home for almost 2 months and i think this is the first time i’m actually (gasp) enjoying myself here.  to say that it’s taken me by surprise is surely an understatement.  don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate it here (or maybe i do, but don’t make me say it).  but i’ve never felt completely comfortable living here.  and with every year that i spent overseas, i think i grew a little less local.  it’s hard to explain.

so imagine what i was feeling when after vancouver, i found myself back home, having to re-hash my life’s plan; plotting an escape to somewhere.  anywhere.  i wanted to shoot myself in the face. not in the literal kind of way, of course.  but it’s true.  i felt a little lost and a little sore that i hadn’t planned better.

i was moping around the house the first week when i forced myself to get out of the house to do something ‘fun’.  i found myself visiting iBrew to figure out if i could homebrew in singapore.  being very cynical, i thought the climate was totally ill-suited for brewing.  and to a certain extent, it is.  but a more optimistic person would be able to get around it without too much hassle.  mr boss of iBrew was knowledgeable, friendly and gave off good vibes so after talking to him about what he had to offer, i went home (less cynical), thought about what i wanted and sent out an e-mail requesting prices.

what i wasn’t expecting was a job offer.  but that’s what i got out of our interaction.  a month and a half into working with him and it’s been great.  i get to brew beer, discover home in ways i’ve never had to before, engage in other nerdy things and work with a superb mr boss (we now play tennis together and he calls it an ’employee benefit’).  and i get to tell people that i get paid to make beer.  rock star.  of course, my life would be complete if i said i was brewing in north america.  but i’m taking this one step at a time.  and this is step 1.

have i mentioned that i really love counter culture?  as it turns out, singapore does have a decent counter culture scene.  i guess i just needed locals to show me the way.  oops.  why wasn’t i ever that kind of local?

other things that i’m enjoying about being home:

– spending time with granddad.  and by that i mean he declares happy hour when i arrive at his house.  it’s unclear whether this is a good or bad thing.  am i only a drinking buddy to him?  well, i do help him change the batteries to his solar powered outdoor lights.  so i guess i’m a little more…

– getting to cook during my weekly friend dates with ms han

– being able to appreciate home for the first time in probably ever


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