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two weeks in the city

the past 2 weeks have passed quickly.  i’ve met a surprising number of new people and i’ve let alcohol knock me on my behind far more than i’m used to.  i will have to get that under control because being a fool in front of my bossman isn’t something i’m trying to do on the regular.  although, i’m beginning to suspect that hangovers could be the norm in this business.

this week’s brew day was similar to last week’s brew day.  it’s usually long but i like processes so for most part, i don’t mind hanging out.  brew day this week coincided with st patrick’s so (of course) we had to start the morning with a stout.  and then from there it was a blur of things and people stopping by.  we did not artificially color any beer although we did try a little essence of juniper in one of the beers which i thought added an interesting flavor.  but then again, i like gin.   yesterday, we distilled whiskey – another long process involving lots of sitting around once everything is set up and working properly.  which was fine with me because it was so gorgeous out.  more people stopping by.  more beer.

i got to check out the homo scene here in vancouver with what could become my new posse.  for now, they’re my roommate’s friends.  we attended an event called lipstick jungle at the heist lounge.  the cover was $12 which is a little steep compared to other homo events i’ve been to but the drinks were decent and the crowd was cute, girly, lipsticky, and given the name of the event, expected.  the music was just ok.  i was hoping for better but for that, we would have to go to a gay boy club.  which is what we did afterwards.  odyssey was steamy for some reason.  the dancers were cute and the music was marginally better.  or perhaps i felt that way because i wasn’t in the dancing mood.  it was packed which is always nice to find and as we were leaving, there was quite a good drum performance happening.  partying with the gay boys is usually a good time.  sorry lipstick jungle,  maybe next time we’ll get along better.

saying that i’m fussy about who cuts my hair is sort of an understatement.  i was stressing out about how to figure out which stylist in this city i’d have to take a chance with.  good thing james knows some people.  thomasina was his recommendation and i couldn’t be more pleased with somebody new cutting my hair.  and she works from her house so we got to watch some of the paralympics while she cut my hair.  extra bonus.  is jeffrey ever going to be replaceable?  i doubt it.  but until he decides he’d like to live where i live, i’m content with having thomasina in vancouver.

i’ve been trying to get through pride and prejudice but while trying to get through that, i finished reading a million little pieces.  perhaps that’s a sign that i should just give it a try some other time.  a million little pieces was a good book though with somewhat graphic descriptions of trips to the dentist and of injuries that made me cringe.  i’m pretty convinced that staying off drugs is probably a good idea.  now i need to find another book to read….